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Dr. Ebert Featured in Health & Medical Article

Chiropractor describes her office as a healing environmentPicture of Dr. Vivian Ebert in SWSpotlight Health Article

By D. K. Christi

Pain — affecting lifestyle, work and sleep — is the primary motivation for patients who visit Vivian B. Ebert, a chiropractic physician for three decades. She has a loyal following at Living Well Chiropractic, a Blue Zones-certified business located at 10020 Coconut Road, No. 134 in Bonita Springs. She says her office is a healing environment for the relief of musculoskeletal pain, a safe alternative to other more costly and invasive treatments.

Sports injuries are her specialty and she also offers therapeutic massage, CBD remedies, nutrition, weight loss, decompression therapy and a welcoming and empathetic style.

Often chiropractic is associated with auto accidents, workers compensation and related injuries, but chiropractic offers more.

“Fifty-five percent of my clients are over 65 years of age and living their retirement in an active environment — bicycling, golfing, going to the gym — they don’t want to miss a beat,” says Ebert. Seniors often seek regular chiropractic care to prevent limits to their golf and tennis activities. Chiropractic care often costs less than medical treatments and saves trips to the pharmacy.

“Our profession has evolved,” says Ebert. “It’s a choice for healing that doesn’t require medications.” Currently a board member for the Florida Chiropractic Association, Ebert says the organization provides statewide research and advocacy for chiropractic physicians to stay current and also work at dispelling chiropractic myths. Research data from 2010 to 2016 shared by the Chiropractic Association says that professional athletes rely on chiropractic. Over 60 professional football and baseball teams use chiropractic physicians. Ebert is a golfer and naturally specializes in golfers’ chiropractic needs. She is a certified chiropractic sports physician.

Ebert recommends lifestyle and nutrition strategies. Today’s constant use of computers and makeshift work desks during travel with electronics may create neck and upper back issues. A stand-up desk helps, she says, and exercise is best when it’s mixed up a little. A couple of days walking, another biking and then a golf game, for example, puts less stress on the body. Ebert plays pickleball in addition to golf and works at a stand-up desk.

“Nutrition is also an important part of chiropractic care,” says Ebert. “Lifestyle choices affect healing.” Living Well Chiropractic offers therapeutic massage and sells a high-quality CBD product. Ebert has added a decompression table for her patients’ neck and lower back treatments. Many patients actually experience a cost savings with chiropractic care and it’s covered by most insurance carriers.

Ebert provides patients with services that enable them to eat well, think well and move well. Call 239-498-2225.

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